Buffalo Wings & Rings Athens celebrate Grand Opening

Buffalo Wings & Rings International has opened its second location in Europe, this time the chain has choose Athens in Greece. The family-friendly ‘sports restaurant’ has promised Europeans a new sports experience like they have never seen before mixing casual dining and setting a trend for all sports enthusiasts to follow.

Buffalo Wings & Rings is the first restaurant in Greece that offers chef-inspired recipes combined with sports without being a male dominated venue, the restaurant showcases various sports both local and global in a vibrant atmosphere that has 31 screens, one of which is a fan favorite at 82 inches.

The hottest location in town celebrated its grand opening with many celebrities, including the professional Greek kickboxer and martial artist Michalis “Iron Mike” Zambidis, in addition to actresses, football and basketball players, reality TV stars, and sports anchors, you also couldn’t miss out on TV Chefs who fell in love with our unique recipes.

Buffalo Wings & Rings has separated itself from the pack in the sports restaurant category by providing an elevated experience and a higher quality product than the competition, as the brand prides itself by going beyond the norm with its innovative experience that keeps fans coming back for more through great customer service and beyond.

Buffalo Wings & Rings Athens is located in the northern suburbs and is open daily from 12 PM to 1 AM.