Buffalo Wings & Rings Expands to Egypt

Cairo just got a little bit saucier, with the opening of the first Buffalo Wings and Rings inside City Stars mall.

The Cincinnati-based restaurant chain is opening two locations in Cairo this year, one has celebrated it’s opening in June, and the second is anticipated to open by September of this year.

“The goal is having that whole sports experience on the next level,” CEO Haytham David said. “Our menu has more than just wings, with burgers, salads and out of this world sandwiches and wraps. It’s definitely a more expansive menu than some competitors.”

The casual, sit-down sports restaurant with a capacity of 140 people, is known for both its affordable prices and its emphasis on trumping the atmosphere and service at typical sports restaurants. It has done it through the development of a dining room that offers an immersive sports experience similar to a stadium-like experience with topnotch audiovisual systems, fresh onsite prepared foods, and unexpected options of sauces and heat levels in addition to many chef-inspired specials.