Buffalo Wings & Rings Expands to Europe

Buffalo Wings & Rings, which has over 80 locations, has opened its first location in Europe in Limassol, Cyprus. The atmosphere is very sports friendly in the tourist district, and also meant to be family-friendly and more upscale than a typical sports bar.

“The food is always fresh and made on the premises,” said CEO Haytham David. The Buffalo Wings & Rings menu features a wide array of fare suited to both adults and children, including traditional and boneless Buffalo-style wings, and hand-breaded chicken tenders – all available in ten sauces with six customizable levels of heat.  Guests are encouraged to dunk their favorite wings in the Buffalo Wings & Rings homemade bleu cheese sauce.  The menu also features massive burgers, salads, wraps, pitas, and a full range of appetizers, including Buffalo Chicken Nachos, chili-drenched sloppy fries, quesadillas, and mozzarella sticks.  And who can forget the “little buffs?” A full kid’s menu is available as well.

Further positioning itself as one of the hottest casual dining restaurants in its segment, Buffalo Wings & Rings continues to charge forward this year, with more branches to open in the Middle East and Europe.

“Our focus is expanding upon the strong foundations we have built across the region by adding new locations. Based on demographics matched with the ideal communities, we have carefully identified new markets within the Middle East and Europe,” said Haytham David.


Established in 1984 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the sports restaurant franchise has always been committed to giving customers the absolute finest wings in America. Over the years, the brand has pioneered and perfected the art of homemade sauces, customizable heat profiles and fresh wings, as well as grown to offer specialty burgers, gyros and salads to cater to its customers and provide options for the entire family to enjoy. With more than 80 units around the world, Buffalo Wings & Rings celebrates this success and works to further evolve to meet the needs of families and wing connoisseurs everywhere.