Buffalo Wings & Rings introduce 30 new items to Menu

Buffalo Wings & Rings is all about Great Food, and Great Sports, and with fresh food that is continuously cooked on the premises, we have rewarded our customers by including former successful limited time offers by giving them a permanent slot on our menu, we also engaged in various customer tastings and testing’s which have led to revamped recipes, and new flavors being added to the menu, including an assortment of Mini Sandwiches served in both Beef, and Chicken, two new vegetarian options, and a selection of appetizers, in addition to soups and original salads.

“Buffalo Wings & Rings operates on the cutting edge of culinary flavor innovation to give customers a truly unique dining experience,” Said BWR International CEO Haytham David “We pride ourselves on ensuring menu items are the ideal combination of tastes, and we’re confident in our growing array of highly-requested flavors.”


Established in 1984, the franchise has always been committed to giving customers the absolute finest wings in America. Over the years, the brand has pioneered and perfected the art of homemade sauces and fresh wings, with a community-focused model that connects the brand to its customer through a shared purpose. Now, the brand celebrates this success and works to further evolve to meet the needs of a families and wing connoisseurs across 70 different locations in America, and 18 International stores in the Middle East and Asia.