BWR Jordan Sponsors Redbull Car Park Drift 2016

Buffalo Wings & Rings Jordan has sponsored the Redbull Car Park Drift event on the Friday October 14th at the Amman Exhibition Park, with around 5,000 attendees.
The Redbull Car Park Drift event is an event that takes place in Amman every year to choose the King of Jordan Drift. Buffalo Wings & Rings Jordan sponsored Red Bull by serving food through our brand new food truck (Sandwiches and Saratogas) as well as beverages (Red Bull and Water) at the Redbull Car Park 2016 event in Jordan.
Buffalo Wings & Rings also introduced for the first time ever an inflatable bull riding machine, where people ride & enjoy their time before the event kicked off, engaging them more with our brand identity.
Buffalo Wings & Rings was selling the famous juicy beef Burgers, Delicious Chicken Sandwiches, Saratoga Chips & Drinks. We have given away branded Key Chains & Lighters.