BWR Jordan sponsors Redbull’s biggest Sound Clash Event

Buffalo Wings & Rings Jordan has sponsored the outstanding Redbull Sound Clash event on the 2nd of September 2016 at the Amman Exhibition Park, with around 5,000 attendees.
The Sound Clash Event is a friendly rivalry between two of the best local bands in Jordan. This year the clash was between JADAL & AZIZ MARAKA, with two surprise celebreties performing on each side of the bands; Alaa Wardi, all the way from Palestine & Hossam Hosny, all the way from Egypt!
Buffalo Wings & Rings was selling the famous juicy beef Burgers, Delicious Chicken Sandwiches, Saratoga Chips & Drinks. We have given away 20% kickback vouchers to drive the crowd back to the stores & free creative t-shirts. We also set up an engaging one of a kind Face Cutout Board for people to take pictures at & post on Instagram for a chance to win the following.

  1. Free Wings for a Year booklet.
  2. 100 $ Voucher to spend at BWR.
  3. Dinner for 6 people at BWR.